Should I just repeat my site name?

It may or may not be a Linkin Park reference…

I tried to organize my posts by topic, but I’m failing.


Take me with you.Feel my darkness.Listen to the organ repertoireand the nothingness in between the keys. Take me with you.Feel the cold windviolating your cheeks.This feeling is forever with me by your side. Take me with you.Decide if I’m worth losing your precious breath.Mine? It’s already been taken.Feel what it’s like to live breathlessly… butContinue reading “Decide.”

Don’t Waste This.

Don’t waste it.It’s here, right now.Don’t waste it. Don’t you fucking waste this.You always do.The hours – minutes – few; simply, quickly, don’t think, just do. Don’t you fucking waste this. Don’t try and create this.It’s already here, made for you.This is what you wanted.This is what you wanted,it’s already here, just for you. EnjoyContinue reading “Don’t Waste This.”


Tomorrow feels warmbut, I thought that yesterday.All of nothing, in full form All that I am anyway.Fuck. Go ahead;waste your time – pretend it’s mine.At least you still make tomorrow feel warm. You could dareand warm up todayfuck, man.All of your nothing in your nothing wayAll that I am anyway;Fuck.

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